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True Cellular Detox Program

What if you’re regulating your blood sugar with the perfect diet, intermittent fasting, incorporating diet variation, waking up early to burst train on a fasted stomach and still not getting the ultimate results you desire? True Cellular Detox™. Dr. David Pompa (Creator of TCD) uses the words TRUE and CELLULAR because detox is only real and lasting when it occurs at the cellular level. Detoxification is a fundamental component of cellular healing, one which most carry out improperly or neglect altogether. No matter how clean of a lifestyle we lead, toxins bombard us from all angles including our air, water, foods, body care products, clothing and even store receipts. But since we can’t live in a bubble, periodic True Cellular Detox™ is essential to a healthy life in our modern toxic world.

The epidemic is at the cell and the detox MUST go there to be effective. We need to recognize that the massive increase in neurotoxins we are exposed to is like no time in the history of man. Many of these chemicals are new to our bodies and have become ubiquitous in our everyday lives, filling our buckets drop by drop, shutting down natural cellular detox pathways and even changing DNA to express diseases or unwanted symptoms. Whether it’s weight-loss resistance, hormone dysregulation, thyroid problems, diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, autism, autoimmune, and even cancer, the answer is to go “upstream” to the source and address toxicity and its affect on the cell to achieve restored health. I’ve always said, “If you don’t heal the cell, you won’t get well.” Perhaps here I’ll be more specific: if you don’t detox the cell, you will never get well. I believe periodic detoxification is in order for nearly every human being on the planet, but it must be done right to get results. And how does one properly detox the cell? By using a systematic approach called True Cellular Detox™.


What is True Cellular Detox™?

True Cellular Detox™ is a process Dr. Pompa (Creator of TCD) learned and created through his own health challenges, and those of whom he has coached back to health, which works by improving cellular function so the body is able to detox and heal itself. The approach incorporates his 5R’s of True Cellular Detox and Healing™, which has become a roadmap to not just fixing the cell, but an explanation of the epidemic of inflammatory driven chronic diseases and the growing number of unexplainable, over-medicated illnesses. The 5R’s is a tool and simple strategy for understanding and repairing the complexities of cellular pathways that have become damaged by the toxic onslaught of today’s world. Using the 5R’s to repair the natural detox pathways of the cell upstream, while keeping the downstream detox pathways open (lymph, liver, kidneys and gut), and including true binders to assist in the removal of toxins, is called True Cellular Detox™.

Therefore, True Cellular Detox™ goes upstream to target the source of illness and involves three components:

  • Applying the 5R’s principles as a roadmap to fix the cell

  • Opening and supporting critical detox pathways

  • Utilizing true binding agents to remove toxins from the cell

In contrast, True Cellular Detox™ is not simply …

  • A colon cleanse (good to help with constipation and clear toxins from the colon, but not far enough up-stream)

  • A foot bath (good for edema in lower legs, but I’m not convinced of any detox benefit)

  • A raw juice fast (if using greens and not fruit you will get some fasting benefits to support detox at best)

  • A coffee enema (good to move toxins from the liver and toxic bile complex, but not far enough upstream)

  • A bottle of chlorella tablets (not a true binder)

  • 7-10 day herbal cleanses (not true binders)

Although these strategies, and countless others, can be helpful in supporting detox, they are too far downstream to make the impact needed to remove toxins at the cellular level. Again, one must find and remove the source of illness to begin the journey back to health. The 5R’s provide the roadmap to fixing the cell, but the source of toxicity must be removed properly, whilst keeping detox pathways open and supported, to provoke cellular revitalization.

Including a true binding agent (or agents) in the protocol is critical to preventing re-circulation of toxins once they are moving out of the cell. There are many detox agents used today, but few are true binders, thus have little to no effect. Examples include chlorella, often promoted as the “metal magnet,” but in real human tests makes no change in the toxic burden. There are many 7-10 day herbal detox cleanses that promise to change your life, but again fall short of any real change. Many of these products are even dangerous because they are weak binders, meaning they simply stir up toxins without completely removing them from the body thereby allowing them to cross back into deeper tissues (like the brain).

This is where the distinction lies between True Cellular Detox™ and other forms of detox. Utilizing this system has made all the difference in my clients’ results because it ensures toxins are safely and completely removed by considering the entire detox process: from the cell upstream and moving through the downstream pathways and out of the body.

Dr Nilou Zahedi (DC - Chiropractor) is a Certified TCD Provider.  She will completely guide you through this program.  You receive the full supplements for 30-days (based upon your condition), plus 3 (45 minute) consultation sessions during a month. In holistic approach, we know healing come from inside-out. Cellular cleanse, removes the chemical and heavy metal toxins at the cellular level which allows the body to release the fat and truly repair itself. We're going to guide you through each step.  Because Restore Transform is a non-profit organization, we only charge what is absolutely necessary for the program (& regulated by Dr. Pompa [Creator of TCD]).  It is $300/mo and typically lasts 3 months (although perhaps longer if dealing with a severe or chronic issue)...but in the end it is worth every penny.  If you would like to schedule a FREE Consultation, please do so HERE.  If you would like to go ahead and schedule / pay for the TCD program with Dr. Nilou, please go HERE.

What Is True Cellular Detox?

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