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Benefits of Activator Method Adjustment

Patients who largely benefit from using the Activator Technique are: Elderly, Babies & Kids, Prenatal, Cystic Fibrosis patients, those with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia, patients with a seized or injured area, & difficult to adjust spots.  Many patients prefer Activator Technique because it is a gentle procedure for adjusting a stuck joint. Some patients are nervous or uneasy about chiropractic adjustments with either manual manipulation or perhaps enjoy the added benefits & want to incorporate it into the treatment. These treatments are safe & effective. Millions of patients benefit from these treatments every year.

We tell patients the most important & best way to adjust a joint depends on the patient's comfort level. When patients are uneasy or uncomfortable with an adjustment technique, they tend to get tense & guard. Their muscles are tightening to protect the joint. This muscle guarding makes it more difficult to adjust a joint & can increase the likelihood of stiffness or soreness post treatment.

Some patients have a tendency to guard or tighten right before an adjustment procedure. Even though they know chiropractic manipulation won't hurt, they still have this tendency to tighten their muscles. Some patients that simply don't want to hear the popping or cracking, or have difficulty relaxing benefit from Activator Technique adjustments.

The Activator Technique utilizes a specially-designed instrument to tap or nudged the joints open. Patients described a gentle tapping on the stuck joint. They will not hear any popping or cracking as the joint opens. They may hear the sound of the instrument, which sounds similar to a sound produced by a stapler. Patients quickly feel the difference with Activator adjustment, & find themselves relaxing & feeling better about the adjustment.


Activator Technique has performed an enormous amount of research on the Activator instrument. The research has focused on the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments, specifically when utilizing an Activator instrument. Over 30 years of research has shown the Activator effectively increases joint motion with a minimal amount of force. It has shown the importance of getting a joint moving for decreasing pain & producing desired therapeutic outcomes.

Some patients have difficulty thinking about an Activator Adjustment as effective because they are so used to thinking that more force is better. They wonder how such a simple & gentle treatment can get rid of their pain & increase their joint motion. The research is overwhelming on the Activator Technique protocols & treatment values. Patients will do better & improve with an Activator.

Many of these patients are also surprised to hear that the Activator is much more effective when they are experiencing severe pain from their joint sprain injury, because the Activator Technique will increase their joint motion much faster & better than manual manipulation. With manual manipulation, they tend to guard & tighten around the injured joint, limiting the effectiveness of the manual manipulation.

Because of the ease & comfort of the Activator instrument, it adjusts joints & restores normal motion faster. The gentle & quick motion of the joint nudges that joint open, & is less likely to cause increased muscle guarding across the injured area.

Sometimes we have to change a way of thinking. Many of us were brought up with the idea that if some is good, more is better. If some force is good then more must be that much better. However Activator Technique has clearly shown that less is great, & can be even better.